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Looking for a person-centered organization in Washington, DC? Search no further than DC Healthcare Inc. when it comes to quality health care and rehabilitation services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our passion to deliver tailored rehabilitative services makes us the credible partner of various clients that seek professional care and assisted living.

History of Our Organization

DC Health Care Inc. provides Medicaid Waiver and Community Residential Services including Supported Living, Intermediate Care Facilities and Money Follow the Person Voucher program to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the District of Columbia. We maintain excellent delivery of health care services while moving forward to support people with full community inclusion and opportunities for independence, decision-making, and making choices to live and enrich life.
DC Health Care Inc. currently provides services with eight (8) ICF/IDDs, six of which are fully accessible and all of which maintained ICF licensures with no immediate jeopardy or condition of participation. We also offer homes which allow aging in place. We deliver services to 70 people with varied developmental disabilities in which 20 people reside in Non-ICF settings.
DC Health Care Inc. encourages and actively participates in increasing people’s awareness of rights and advocacy by participation in Project Action meetings, voter registration and voting, The Mayor's Conference on Disabilities and Access to community resources (YMCA, Senior Center Programs, Community Centers), and activities.
DC Health Care Inc. continues to provide opportunities for movement from ICF's to less restrictive community settings and continue to provide excellent health care and services to individuals as they age.

DC Health Care management team!

DC Health Care Management team has combined patient care experience of over 150 years. We take pride in caring for the disabled and mentally challenged individuals and providing an environment for them to succeed. Our senior management team has been serving our individuals for over 35 years.  We are blessed to have leaders who have passion for our individuals.

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Do you have any inquiries regarding our person-centered organization? Perhaps you would like to discuss the health care services need of your loved ones with one of our experts? Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. A knowledgeable representative will accommodate and acquaint you with the details you need to know.

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